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About Us


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GMRC-Liban is a Lebanese Non-Profit Civil Society registered under the number 706/2016. It is humanitarian, ethical, and scientific multidisciplinary group that seeks quality in diagnosing and rehabilitating memory and cognitive dysfunction. It seeks to launch and support research in this domain especially those related to the neuropsychological assessment of these diseases.


Board of Administration

Dr. Maryse HAYEK
Dr. Patricia FADEL



Our multi-disciplinary team brings together a number of specialists from different fields which although nationally based collaborates with international experts from US, UK and France giving our research further depth and international dimension. Our field of concern, memory and cognitive degeneration, is largely underrepresented in Lebanese professional research attempts.



1.  To promote the role of neuropsychological evaluation related to memory and cognitive impairment as an empowerment to the Lebanese healthcare system, through establishing the principle of social integration of the human person and avoid segregation.

2. To ensure necessary education to members and  participants in intellectual forums bringing together specialists and those interested focusing on the importance of neuropsychological assessment of memory and cognitive diseases and the importance of clinical consultation to discover the causes and hence encourage suggested neuro-rehabilitating remedies and their role in dealing with memory problems and stimulation.

3.  To spread knowledge and awareness in the field of memory diseases and how to evaluate it and care for it through specialized conferences, congresses and contact with specialists on the national and international level and through the spread of education and training in this regard.

4. To encourage research aiming at strengthening knowledge in the science of neurological behavioral communication and to complement other national and international research groups of similar nature.

5. To be more careful and precise in the results of the evaluation and neuropsychological rehabilitation of memory and cognitive processes through encouraging members and those concerned to adopt the highest professional ethical and scientific standards in this regard and adapt these standards to the Lebanese society and define the cutoffs.

6.  To enhance the principle of cultural and geographical diversity on the basis of standards adopted for the neuropsychological evaluation of memory diseases and cognitive functions.

7.  To promote awareness among students and encourage them to embrace this profession and collaborating with the concerned academic and health sides to organize it in Lebanon.

8. To assist stroke, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, memory impairment, Alzheimer’s patients and others suffering from memory and cognitive impairments through getting the appropriate evaluation in this domain in Lebanon.

9.  To get out the patient’s voice by bringing forth the patient’s experiences with the disease before those concerned in the field of health and others concerned in the field.

10. To present recent developments that empower patient’s experiences and contribute in establishing an intellectual forum for the exchange of expertise between the industrial and promoters in health domains, health care assistants, patients and whoever concerned.

11. To exchange information in the fields of memory and cognitive disorders, especially through meetings, lectures, and gatherings and promote this information to the concerned institutions, doctors, scientists and others which contribute to the understanding of brain-behavior relationships.

12.  To organize gatherings and seminars.

13. To publish letters and regular publications.

14. To establish a data bank.

15.  To attempt along with official and private agencies and individuals to develop and advance all that is necessary in the field of cognitive and memory diseases.



– Research Committee
– Scientific Committee
– Ethics Committee
– Organizing Committee
– Membership and Friendship Committee